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Urologists Operating in theatre

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Clinical Lead for Urological Cancers/Renal Stones
East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, Surrey, UK

About Mr Shahid Khan

Mr Shahid Khan, Consultant Urologist, East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, Surrey RH1 5RH

Mr Khan is currently the clinical lead for urological cancer and renal stones at Surrey & Sussex Hospital NHS Trust. He was responsible for establishing the lithotripsy service at Crawley Hospital, as prior to the service being set up, patients had to travel to either Brighton or Epsom for ESWL.  His expertise includes percutaneous renal surgery (mini and ultra-mini PCNL), extra-corporeal lithotripsy and flexible ureterorenoscopy with laser stone fragmentation. He also specialises in the insertion of metallic stents useful in the management of complex benign and malignant ureteric strictures.

Furthermore, he also developed the Template Prostate Biopsy Service at Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust, which has been successfully running since 2012. Over 300 template biopsies (including precision point prostate biopsies) are performed per year by a team of dedicated professionals. Mr Khan also offers specialist urology services like MRI fusion and targeted biopsies at Spire St.Anthony's Hospital.

For kidney and ureteric tumours, Mr Khan prefers the laparoscopic approach, as it offers a quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay. The CMR robotic programme is up and running at East Surrey Hospital, and all complex robotic renal cases are now being offered using this latest cutting edge technology.

Urologist performing complex surgery

Areas of Expertise

Renal Stones

Kidney Cancer

Prostate Cancer

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